Who We Are

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About Transit Marketing Group

Our History – Since opening our doors in Colorado in 1992, we’ve redefined the sales and support standards for American Transit Authorities. At TransMark, we follow our founders’ example, putting customer support at the core and treating each authority like family. Our mission is to empower our customers with the insights they need to keep their fleet running safely and efficiently.

Experienced Team – With 30 years of dedicated service in the transit industry, TransMark is your trusted partner for quality solutions and exceptional customer service. Our hand-picked team collectively boasts over 150 years of experience in the field.

Building Relationships – We focus on building meaningful customer relationships, gaining a deep understanding of our clients and their operations. This allows us to provide tailored solutions for both current needs and future demands. Our history and extensive experience underscore our commitment to product dependability, company integrity, and customer advocacy.

Our Solutions – Like our founders, we continuously listen to transit agencies’ needs and deliver the most relevant, performance- and safety-optimized products while minimizing downtime. TransMark collaborates with leading manufacturers in the Transit industry to offer the finest, most innovative, and high-quality USA-made products in the market.

Our Diverse Clients Base Includes:

  • Transit agencies
  • Vehicle manufactures
  • Bus dealers
  • Transit management companies
  • Airports
  • Product manufactures

Our Commitment Extends To:

  • Crafting tailored strategies to address the unique requirements of transit agencies
  • Fostering valuable partnerships
  • Establishing collaborative relationships with manufacturers
  • Active involvment in American Public Transportation Association (APTA)
  • Active involvment of state transit associations
  • APTA Expo Committee
  • Buy America Coalition
We connect public transit authorities with innovative manufacturers to drive positive change and enhance passenger experiences. With over 30 years of expertise, we deliver tailored solutions, embrace industry advancements, and foster long-term partnerships for a sustainable, efficient, and accessible future of public transit.

Our entire team has extensive experience in the transit industry and we represent quality, cutting-edge, transit products including: Fire Suppression and Gas Detection, HVAC Systems, Vehicle Lighting and Multiplexing, Destination Signs, Electric Air Cleaner, Bike Racks and CCTV surveillance systems.

Some of our very best clients appear on APTA’s list of the Top 100 Transit Bus Fleets. We have close partnerships and continued sales with many transit properties throughout the United States.

Our Process


Deliver tailored products that optimize performance and minimize fleet downtime for our valued customers.


We collaborate closely with our customers and suppliers to promote a transparent flow of goods and create a purchasing experience customized to your fleet’s specific requirements.


Champion eco-friendly products and offer solutions for Zero-Emission Bus fleets.


Empower our employees with the expertise to assist you in identifying the optimal solutions for your fleet requirements.

Transit Marketing Group

We are an organization wholly committed to excelling in sales, service, and delivering top-tier solutions within the public transit market.