Product Name: Sutrak

Product Description:

Over 5 decades globally and nearing 4 decades domestically, SUTRAK is a leading manufacturer of HVAC systems for Bus, Light Rail and Automated People Movers in North America. SUTRAK pioneered roof mount technology globally for this industry in 1970, and today leads the way with ACE (Air Conditioning Electric) for transit bus applications.

SUTRAK’s ACE HVAC systems are the most cost-effective choice available for transit authority buses today. ACE systems delivering air conditioning operate at 50% or greater efficiency, reducing fuel costs and engine wear. Longer component duty cycles save on maintenance and replacement expenses.

SUTRAK design engineers have accumulated numerous patents including roof-mounted HVAC systems, and more recently multiple patents for all-electric HVAC system designs.

With over 30 years of domestic production, SUTRAK systems have been installed on virtually every major bus, LRV, and APM OEM manufacturer in the United States.

***SUTRAK provides electric HVAC designs for Battery Electric Buses