Wabtec vShield Driver Protection Door

The vShield® Protection Door provides a critical defensive barrier and protects bus operators from physical assaults and unwanted passenger interactions.

**New Product**

Wabtec’s vShield Operator Protection Door

Vapor vShield
Operator Protection Door

The powered door features a large safety glass and heavy-duty lower door to provide a barrier against sick or unstable passengers, projectiles and thrown fluids.
A large, contoured laminated safety glass functions as a sneeze guard, and an electric window allows operator/passenger interaction and can be closed quickly and easily.
Two, high-velocity, selectable-speed fans provide optimal air circulation in the cockpit area. An optional MERV 15-rated filter removes airborne bacteria, attached viruses and irritants, including dust, mold and pollen.
A heavy-duty, door lock mechanism maintains secured, positive contact and eliminates rattle.
The door is manufactured by Vapor Bus International - A Wabtec Company, and is custom designed for each vehicle for exact fit.


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