Amerex – Fire Suppression / Gas Detection

Amerex Fire Detection and Suppression

Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression and Gas Detection systems are
designed to detect and suppress a fire before it can reach the operator
or passenger areas, to protect lives and minimize property damage.

Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression and Gas Detection systems—an unparalleled solution for ensuring the safety of buses and their occupants. As the exclusive representative for Amerex in the transit industry, Transit Marketing Group takes pride in our commitment to protecting more buses in North America than any other manufacturer combined. Our systems are meticulously designed to detect and suppress fires swiftly, providing a crucial shield for lives and minimizing potential property damage.

With an extensive track record of over 100,000 fire suppression systems sold, Amerex has established itself as a trusted industry leader. We understand that exceptional transit fleets prioritize the quality and reliability of their vehicles, and we believe the same level of commitment should extend to protecting the most valuable asset—the passengers.

At Amerex, we recognize that every transit bus has its unique requirements. That’s why we offer a range of suppression agent options, ensuring that your fleet’s needs are met with precision. Whether you choose our tried-and-tested suppression agents or opt for a specialized solution, rest assured that all Amerex Fire Suppression Systems provide fast and reliable fire protection.

Our expertise lies in tailoring systems specifically to you and your vehicles, providing a comprehensive safeguard for both equipment and passengers. By incorporating cutting-edge Optical Flame detector technology, we deliver the fastest response time in the industry, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of our fire suppression systems.

When it comes to protecting your fleet, trust Amerex and Transit Marketing Group to deliver superior solutions that prioritize safety, reliability, and peace of mind.


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