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Welcoming new faces to the TMG team

Transit Marketing Group is pleased to announce and welcome two new members to our team! Miles Beran is the West Coast Sales Manager and will be maintaining and growing our customer relationships on the west coast.

Desiree Ott is the Marketing Coordinator and will be
focused on enhancing our current programs and procedures.

Who we are

Transit Marketing group has partnered with some of the Transit industry’s leading manufactures to bring high-quality products and track record for successfully launching and
establishing multiple product lines. Transit Marking Group has built and earned a reputation for success, support, and
customer service with a family atmosphere.


To provide the most innovative products, solutions, and services to the public transportation industry.


To be a trusted provider of market-leading solutions, value, and services to benefit our customers.

value statement

We feel that our job is to provide our customers with high-quality solutions that allow us to match each sale with service. Transit Marketing Group brings quality products, experience, and integrity to the Transit Industry.

Transit Marketing Group

Is an organization dedicated to sales, service, and providing superior quality solutions in the public transit space.

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