Interior and Exterior Bicycle Rack solutions for Transit

Sportworks has been designing and manufacturing bicycle products since 1990. We designed the industry’s first Bike-Rack-for-Buses™ in 1993, and currently supply these transit racks to over 500 municipalities throughout North America. In 2011, we developed a line of stationary bike parking products including the innovative No Scratch® rack, the first bike parking rack with a fully integrated non-abrasive bumper that protects bikes. Sportworks transit racks are Buy America compliant, and many of our No Scratch® bike parking racks are listed with Declare for materials sourcing transparency. 

3-Position Transit Bike Racks

The Apex 3™, Trilogy™, and Apex 3 RL are 3-position commercial transit vehicle bicycle racks that help maximize the carrying capacity of bikes on the front of commercial vehicles.

Apex 3

The Apex 3™ is ourmodular 3-position bike rack and it hasthe most compact layout of any 3-position transit rack. The Apex 3™ is recommended for use on full-sized, cutaway and paratransit vehicles.


The Trilogy™ (DL3) is Sportworks original 3-position rack designed for carrying up to three bikes on full-sized 102" wide transit vehicles.

Apex 3 RL - Reduced Length

The Apex 3 RL is our newest edition to the Apex family. We designed it for customers who want the superior features of the standard Apex 3 rack in a slightly more compact package or need a more compact 3 position rack due to bus length laws.

2-Position Transit Bike Racks

The Apex 2™, DL2, and DL2 NP transit bike racks accommodate up to two bicycles on
the front of transit vehicles. Our 2-position racks are a great option for agencies who
don’t have high capacity demands.

Apex 2

The Apex 2™ is ourmodular 2-position transit bike rack and it is the latest addition to our full line of transit toughbike racks.


The DL2 is the bike rack that started it all. Used by hundreds of transit agencies throughout North America, this all steel design remains a popular choice for carrying up to two bikes.

DL2 NP - Narrow Profile

Measuring 10" less than theDL2, the DL2 Narrow Profile offers the most compact footprint of any 2-position rack making it idealfor small transit vehicles including cutaways.

Interior bicycle racks maximize the carrying capacity for transporting bikes. Our interior racks are great for BRT systems, Rail, Ferries, or onboard buses. Our responsive in-house engineering team will create a customized layout and work with our customers to ensure our interior racks meet their individual needs.


Recognizing the rise in people commuting via rail with their bicycles, Sportworks has released their newest offering to the market, the SpinLock interior bike rack. This rack is designed for us on bus and rapid transit vehicles as well as railcars. Patent Pending.


Motivated by the need for more capacity, the InterLock is ideal for safely transporting bicycles inside buses and other transit vehicles.


The SwingLock was designed to safely and securely transport bicycles inside rail cars and commuter trains.

Luggage Bay

The Luggage Bay Bike Rack was designed to carry up to two bikes in the luggage compartment of Motor Coach Industries (MCI) and VanHool transit vehicles.

Angled Hook

Maximize bike density in height constrained areas with the Angled Hook Bike Rack designed for the interior of transit vehicles including, rail cars, bus rapid transit, and ferries.

A complete line of indoor and outdoor commercial bike parking racks including our revolutionary 
No Scratch racks with protective bumpers. They are a beautifully aesthetic solution with superior functionality.

Increase revenue with our integrated ad panel designed to fit our transit racks.

The first and only way to automatically count bikes on your buses. 


Other Applications: Rail, Ferries, and secure street side parking

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