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TransMark is dedicated to delivering high – quality solutions from leading manufacturers. Our focus on innovation and customer service ensures that we provide cutting-edge products and exceptional support to meet your transit needs.


Discover excellence in the transit market by exploring our product pages. We invite you to witness why the solutions we represent stand out as the finest in the industry. Experience the innovation and quality that set us apart and find the perfect transit solution to meet your needs.

Presenting quality products to enhance transit vehicle safety, comfort and efficiency

Amerex Corporation is the world’s largest and most innovative manufacturer of quality and effective firefighting products for over 50 years. The majority of buses in the transit industry rely on Amerex vehicle systems as an important life safety measure to protect their riders, employees and the valuable equipment they operate

Since 2015, Climate Comfort Technologies has led the way providing safe and effective ionic air cleaning solutions designed solely for mass transit vehicles. Improving indoor air quality for the comfort and safety of both operators and passengers is their number one priority

I/O Controls Corporation is the unrivaled leader in providing world-class LED lighting system solutions for the mass transit industry. Through their relentless pursuit of innovation, exceptional quality, and customer-centric approach, they continue to shape the landscape of mass transit lighting, setting new standards for excellence.



SUTRAK is celebrating nearly 50 years of global design, innovation, and uncompromising performance. SUTRAK is a leader in manufacturing HVAC systems for bus, rail and automated people movers in North America



Luminator delivers globally-recognized solutions that increase intelligence, safety, and efficiency for public transit operations. Stationary display systems from Luminator cover the entire range of passenger route guidance systems, track, timeable and preview displays in real time


For over 30 years Sportworks has designed and manufactured thoughtful and well-engineered bicycle transport solutions for buses, trains, and other modes of mass transit across the globe. Built on a reputation of on-time delivery, innovative designs, and high reliability, their solutions are the most widely deployed systems in the industr

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Presenting quality products to enhance transit vehicle safety, comfort and efficiency