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Over 5 decades globally and nearing 4 decades domestically, SUTRAK is a leading manufacturer of HVAC systems for Bus, Light Rail and Automated People Movers in North America. SUTRAK pioneered roof mount technology globally for this industry in 1970, and today leads the way with ACE (Air Conditioning Electric) for transit bus applications. ACE systems are among the industry’s most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible HVAC systems.

SUTRAK design engineers have accumulated numerous patents including roof-mounted HVAC systems, and more recently multiple patents for all-electric HVAC system designs.

With over 30 years of domestic production, SUTRAK systems have been installed on virtually every major bus, LRV, and APM OEM manufacturer in the United States.

***SUTRAK provides electric HVAC designs for Battery Electric Buses 

Expanding beyond traditional HVAC systems, ACE systems are the most modern technology available featuring scroll compressors; the most efficient compression technology available for transit use. The systems have 3-phase motors standard, and offer optional electric heat, capable of eliminating external fluid connections and dependence on coolant temperature of the bus. The electric, self-contained packages offer transit authorities fuel savings from reduced parasitic load, while improving cooling performance at an idle. Electric, hybrid-electric, diesel and CNG buses, all can benefit from “ACE” systems with more cooling, less fuel and reduced lifecycle costs. A complete line of traditional and electric “ACE” systems has been engineered and are available for 30-60 foot bus, APM and LRV installation

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