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Sardo bus and coach upholstery

Product Name: Sardo Bus and Coach Upholstery

Product Description:

Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression and Gas Detection systems are
designed to detect and suppress a fire before it can reach the operator
or passenger areas, to protect lives and minimize property damage.
Sardo bus and coach upholstery is a family owned company offering three generations of quality, materials, skilled craftmanship and expertise since 1916. Sardo’s has the best warranty in the industry and stands behind its name.  Sardo services include transforming Modesties, Sidewalls, Seat Covers and Logo Embroidery, custom Center Headliners and Under Luggage Racks, Flooring and so much more.
 Sardo offers a wide range of innovative designs for attractive, eye-catching interiors.  These selections are highly durable and top of the range quality.  Our product selection has a remarkable combination of wear resistance, comfort and the beauth of contemporary and refined decoration. 


For over two decades Sardo Upholstoery has made their expertly trained installation teams available to customers requiring upholstery products. This time saving and economical service is scheduled at your convenience to minimize vehicle and facility downtime.  Cost for this professional and guaranteed service is dependent on the overall project size and always results in high customer satisfaction. 


Other Applications:
Innovative products for Transit, Rail, Bus, Theaters and Auditorium Seating


Sardo website:

Patented Sardo Quick Change Insert

Replacement Driver's Seat Covers

Seats Reupholstering & Refurbishment

Bus, Train and Trolley Flooring

Replaces passenger seat inserts; added comfort; speed in maintenance servicing; no screw or clip fasteners; and reduced cost for updating transit bus seating

Custom made replacement Drivers Seat Covers for all manufacturer brands (will work from pictures and samples to retrofit when OEM is unidentified.)

Removal of used inserts, stripping off the worn fabric and adhesive, steam cleaning the core, reupholstering with new fabric, reinstallation of the units.

Floor and Subfloor Repair & Replacement, anything you might need for your transit flooring, with many options to choose from.