I/O Controls

I/O ControlsMonitor your fleets’ systems – from the inside!

We understand the care and consideration you’ve put into developing your fleet. Wouldn’t it be nice to put a technician on each vehicle to monitor the operating systems and performance of your fleet? Transit Marketing Group provides the next best thing.

We have selected to provide you with the I/O Controls wireless diagnostic and maintenance support system – an intelligent network that efficiently and reliably interfaces with all of the electrical subsystems within the vehicle. This uniquely powerful technology is matched by dedication to quality and service.

I/O Controls commitment is demonstrated in the creation of control and monitoring systems that not only capture and store system performance data, but also proactively use that data to increase safety, ensure higher equipment availability rates, and cost-effectively manage preventive maintenance processes.

Product features include:
• High-speed RISC microprocessor with low power consumption, and redundant SAE J1939 data communications.
• Isolated DC-DC power supply.
• Hi-power input and output module with current monitoring and arcing detection capability.
• Main Bus Controller Module with dual microprocessors, J1939 connection and built-in data logger.
• Analog-to-Digital Voltage Module.
• Analog-to-Digital and Frequency Converter Module.
• Automatic Test System.
• Digital 32 LED Module.
• Data Logger

You’ll see your onboard systems like you’ve never seen them before!