Amerex Fire Detection and Suppression

Amerex Fire Detection and SuppressionConditions. The temperature rises, friction builds. And then there’s the gas.

It’s just another working day in the engine compartment of a modern transit bus. With higher operating temperatures, emission and fuel efficient technology and more components, whether on an alternate fuel or diesel powered vehicle, the risk of fire is greater than ever.

Transit Marketing Group is the exclusive transit industry representative for Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression and Gas Detection systems. These systems are designed to detect and suppress a fire before it can reach the operator or passenger areas, to protect lives and minimize property damage.

Just a few of our unique product features:

• Manufactured in America by Amerex Corporation, an ISO 9001 certified supplier
• All products and systems are Factory Mutual tested
• Engineered specifically for, and with the help of, the public transit industry for use on passenger carrying vehicles
• 50,000 units in mass transit service

We specialize in protecting your equipment and passengers with systems designed specifically for you.