Climate Comfort Technologies receives California Air Resources Board certification

Climate Comfort Technologies (CCT) has completed the certification process required by the State of California.  The Air Resources Board regulations for electronic air cleaners apply to use in public transit vehicles. CARB adopted new regulations which went into effect in early October 2020.  The previous exemption for in-duct air cleaners does not apply to transit and therefore this certification is mandatory for use in public transit vehicles.

The certification covers 6 products offering active electronic air cleaning options purpose built for the use in heavy duty transit applications. “We began working with this technology many years ago, and those product and engineering decisions have put our small company as one of the leading technologies to help provide improved air quality in transit vehicles”-Scott Imamura from CCT.

This certification demonstrates products meet California emissions limits for ozone, UL STD 867 and CSA C22.2 #187. In addition to this, current products also conform to UL 2998, a designation is reserved for electronic air cleaning products with ozone emissions less than 1/10 of the allowable federal limit.

This technology has gained great attention in the recent year for its ability to offer particle suppression, odor control and air treatment of various pathogens, bacteria and viruses. CCT products are approved and available for the California market along with the rest of the Unites States.