Climate comfort technologies

Product Name: Electronic Air Cleaner

Product Description: 
Climate Comfort Technologies provides an active electronic air cleaner specifically designed for heavy duty transit vehicles since 2014. The package manages ionization levels in the vehicle. Higher ion levels improve indoor air quality by attacking contaminants in the air and on surfaces they are exposed to. It is shock resistant and does not contain components requiring annual or bi-annual replacement. This package is easily retrofittable and available new for transit vehicle procurements. Because the volume of air inside a transit vehicle will circulate in a little less than one minute, exposure of airborne bacteria and virus, particles, odors, and more are shared by all passengers. CCT has tailored multi-polar ion generation systems for use on moving passenger vehicles

The CCT24V-1 is the only active air cleaning product with a proven track record in transit. Other active air cleaning technology includes a bulb which is not well suited for transit applications because of annual replacement costs, potential breakage, and potential for O3 production.

CCT uses a version of this technology without bulbs and goes one step further by providing positive ions in conjunction with the negative ones. This helps the system from producing a black wall effect near the air outlets while also providing better performance.

Our technology is directly proportional to the efficiency of air flow. In addition, efficient air flow improves air quality, keeping engineers healthy and passengers safe while in Transit. Transit vehicles have superior airflow which makes this an optimal application.


Other Applications: