NEW, Cutting-Edge Technology for Battery-Electric Buses from Amerex

Product Name: Amerex Fire Detection and Suppression for Battery-Electric Buses


Product Decription:

Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression and Gas Detection systems are
designed to detect and suppress a fire before it can reach the operator
or passenger areas, to protect lives and minimize property damage.

Transit Marketing Group is proud to introduce three new products from Amerex creating the first and only complete early detection and fire suppression solution for your Battery Electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Our new early warning technology will offer customers the ability to monitor transit vehicles’ prolusion/battery systems and alert operators well before an issue and or thermal event may arise providing valuable minutes beyond any other battery monitoring systems.


This new SafetyNet-EV programmed panel utilizes all the features and benefits of current SafetyNet products with the addition of EV monitoring for Electric Vehicle/Lithium Battery operation. The System can be used as an effective means of providing early warning of potential lithium-ion battery failure leading to thermal runaway.  


AVT/ACT Clean technology Fire Suppression solution is meeting the growing need for environmentally friendly solutions and is the ideal choice for total flooding of propulsion compartments in vehicles which require a cleaner solution with minimal to no clean up in the event of a discharge. AVT and ACT contain a blended gaseous fire-fighting agent that is designed and tested to suppress propulsion system fires by total flooding of the propulsion compartment. The discharge has minimal residue, resulting in a quick, effortless cleanup with no effect on the environment.  It also eliminates some of the required maintenance for pressurized systems on vehicles.


Both agents have been rigorously tested by the team of Amerex engineers to provide a clean fire suppression rated for Class A, B, and C hazards, which are found in engine compartments and other ancillary areas of the vehicle. These solutions have a zero Oxone Depletion Potential (ODP) making them the environmental global choice. The AVT and ACT agent cylinders are compatible with existing Amerex Vehicle systems components and are engineered to meet OEM specifications. 


“Amerex saw the NEED for fire protection moving into zero emission vehicles years ago and has been developing and testing solutions for many years. As a culmination of development and testing, we are excited to offer these new options to our customers, in an effort to continue being the industry’s most trusted fire protection provider.” – (Mark Magaldi)


 A Vehicle fire is often extremely intense and can have significant safety and environmental consequences, let us protect your fleet.  With a relentless pursuit of innovative design and technology, Amerex leads the industry when it comes to protecting Battery Electric Buses from thermal events.


Other Applications: We Specialize in protecting your equipment and passengers with systems designed specifically for you and your vehicles. Amerex Optical Flame detector technology is the fastest response time in the industry.
Amerex is found in restaurants, school buses, military, industrial applications, and many more.


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